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<WRAP info round> **INVITATION:** A philosophical study group/seminar starting from 30th September in Brno, Czech Rep. Topic: "Beyond Being, Beyond Mind, Beyond History" (the title of unfinished work of Elias Capriles). Possibility to connect remotely (webinar) via AnyMeeting. Q&A session with Elias Capriles in person confirmed! [[:bb-bm-bh-2012|Details here, feel free to join!]] --- //Martin Malec 2012/09/09 21:58//</WRAP> ====== Permaculture, the science, understanding & practice of life: Dedicated to Gregory Bateson's 'Steps to an ecology of mind' ====== Aloha nui loa, hello world and warm welcome! :-) ==== What to do ==== * Please feel free to start contributing -- all the (sub)chapters are links to (empty) pages to be filled with meaningful content. Consider adding relevant sources and linking them at the end of the article * Share with whoever you think * Consider each line as the subject of a collective mind map (spin-thinking) we could work out together * Each topic can be the subject of a perma-lesson at Plukrijp (daily 7.30 – 9.00) on your request * Many documentaries, books&articles are available at Plukrijp * We enjoy what you create anywhere, anytime, … * You can discuss the mindmap and ToC on the [[talk:start|Discussion page]] love & unity — Frank & co. ==== Raison d'être ===== ... to allow to really understand ... Permaculture is the "permanent culture", which is almost the opposite of the current culture... ===== Mind-map ===== The mind map is updated independently on the actual content on this wiki, so it may become outdated. Consider the "hierarchical structure" as merely provisional and very rough, with many things relating to many other things, etc. Maybe you could propose a better system of ordering the issues covered there? {{ ::permabook-mindmap.png?direct&800 |}} [[|Source code of the mind-map (FreeMind)]], [[|Flash version]] Dimitri started [[|another mindmap from scratch]], trying to be more systematic. ===== Table of Contents ===== ==== PHYSICS -- Life as the ordering principle of life of the universe: The encouter of quantum science with ancient wisdom traditions ===== * [[the meeting of ancient knowledge & modern quantum science]] * [[negentropy and entropy, life over death]] * [[life/consciousness as the creator of the standing wave]] * [[morphic resonance, entrainment]] * [[yin&yang as alternating steps of creation]] * [[wu-wei / kadak and lhundrup / primordial emptiness with infinite potential]] * [[zero-point-energy]] * [[meditation to get to our (empty) center]] * [[beyond materialism & idealism]] * [[re-unite matter to spirit]] * [[re-unite man to nature]] * [[re-unite man/woman to him/her-self&his/hers here&now-surroundings]] * [[yin-yang-tao//tamas-rajas-sattva//male-female-human ?]] * [[Ilya Prigogyne's dynamics of "inanimate, inorganic" matter]] * [[spreading out from there to animated life in the universe]] * [[spirals, fractals, as above so below, Tabula Smaragdina]] * [[systemic co-creation as the creative life force]] * [[different levels of consciousness, mysticism, ...]] * [[the modern science]] * [[a unified field theory]] * [[5, 7, 24 (stephen hawkins) dimensions ? consciousness going from one to the other ?]] * [[the futile search for the higgs boson]] * [[cold fusion]] * [[water, a bridge between dimensions, life-giving, dynamic, clustered, information-bearing, cycle of water]] ==== NATURE ==== * [[the gaia hypothesis]] (securely verified since lovelock&margulis)]] * The Revenge of Gaia (Lovelock) * [[The Declaration of Dependence (Šmajs)]] * [[the cycle of (mostly carbon) transformation]] * [[positive mutual re-inforcements in the practice of agricultural perma-culture]] * [[plant combinations towards symbiosis]] * [[man wants a garden vs nature grows forests, savannas, ...]] * [[biodiversity]] * History * [[climate change, mass extinctions, ice ages, ...]] * [[natural&cultivated eco-systems now&through his(her)story]] * [[resources (ab)used by man the last 300 years, and the actual consequences]] ==== HOMO OECONOMICUS ==== * [[Homo œconomicus]] * integration vs extraction * [[the 270-slave situation in the west]] * [[The economy of production and the economy of extraction]] * [[corporatism, a blessing locally, a blight globally]] * [[mind-control phantasies of those who think they are in power]] (9-11/iraq/iran/drones/haarp/chip-id/vaccins/robo-cops/media-control/...) * [[The global economy before and after 1971]] * The history of money * [["Money as debt", from barter and commodity money topost-Nixon deposit money. The principle of multiplication of deposits]] * [[scale imbalances due to virtual money hoarding & creation]] * [[speculative financial bubbles]] * [[compare the relative balance of the east&south to the rigid "rationalism" of the west & its material results, positive & very negative]] * [[inclusiveness vs exclusivity]] ==== HOMO SAPIENS aut HOMO STULTUS? ==== * [[Homo sapiens aut homo stultus?]] * [[was/is man a carnivore, a fat/sugar/salt-ivore, an omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, ?]] * [[actual health&wellness consequences of imbalanced diets & lifestyles]] * [[ancient wisdom: ayurveda, taoism, buddhist, tribal, ...]] * [[conformism & the herd mentality]] * [[scientifically managed societies or populism ?]] ==== Agricultural permaculture ==== * Agricultural permaculture * [[plant&animal(&human) eco-systems, durable or colonial-exploitative ?]] * Earth and Soil * [[soil life]] * [[bacterial life]] * [[mushroom life]] * [[compost, warm or cold ?]] * [[mulching with which material ? ]] * [[cultivating the soil in the permaculture way]] * [[gardening techniques for temperate climates]] * [[agricultural perma-techniques for large scale crops]] * [[tools & their consequences]] * [[the role of animals in permaculture]] * Solutions * [[deep ecology, footprints]] * [[food coops]] * [[csa's (community supported agriculture)]] * [[daily & collective perception&design as a grassroots university of life]] * [[the permaculture movement anno 2012]] * [[regenerative agriculture in a post-capitalist situation]] * [[seed exchange]] * [[city farming]] * [[farmers without land (brasil&elsewhere)]] * [[transition town movements, vagrants, wwoofers, the new nomads as seeds for a new society]] * [[act locally, think globally]] * [[human permaculture, new tools for a new humanity]] * [[utopian dreams as seedbeds for actual change (les sentiers de l'utopie)]] * [[trees, symbols of our link above, creators of fertility]] ==== Problems and solutions ==== * [[Being part of the problem or part of the solution?]] * [[trying to solve the problems with the tools that created the problems]] * [[new tools]] * [[Collective human suicide]] * [[the invisible links underneath the actual collective human suicide (lemming behaviour)]] * [[multi-speed highway of competition or Beyond highway]] * [[the 6th mass extinction, man-made ?]] * [[Integration of wisdom in everyday life]] * [[love between free human beings in an unfree society ?]] * [[sanity in an unsane environment ?]] ==== Psychology ==== * [[Alienation, depersonalization]] * [[alienation]] * [[new social games as antidote to actual de-personalisation]] * [[sexual roots of fascism (W. Reich)]] * [[the psychology of transition & the resistance to change of herd animals]] ==== Family ==== * [[the restricted one/two parent family, a very unrealistic consumption&control model anno 2012]] * [[living for the eyes of the neighbour(bourgeois-capitalism)]] * [[sexual perversity due to the patriarchal family model]] * [[the extended family as a continuation of ancient common sense,adapting to all kinds of external exploitation/pressures]] * [[lifelong parenting in a world of "temporary" couples ? each kid having 4 to 20? successive parents&fosterparents ?]] * [[education towards a universal humanistic model, or towards adaptation to fashionable models ?]] * [[life stages as seen through pre-history+history&as seen in different cultures]] * [[initiation rites, shamanic roles as steps towards social (re)integration]] ==== Society ==== * History * [[make an inventory of (human-)life threatening results from his-story (5000bc to now, with extra damage because of extra power from fossile fuel use)]] * [[human life from prehistory (her-story?), through the agricultural/monotheist (his-story?) phase, ripening anno 2012 towards our-story]] * [[diversity of crafts & knowledge anno 1950 vs one-job-buy-the-rest-with-money sterile mono-culture anno 2012]] * [[write a history of the commons, of the seeds for a local social-economic renewal of global humanity]] * [[women's role in this renewal of global humanity]] * [[Infantility and adultness, irresponsibility vs responsibility]] * [[children as/or pets/idols ?]] * [[responsability for the new human lives we put on earth]] * [[Case study: spoiled semi-adults anno 2012]] * Generosity and abundance *[[ donation towards a renaissance of generosity]] * [[abundance as a basic life pattern in nature, waiting for man to re-discover it]] ===== Tags: ===== {{tag>ToC MindMap physics nature human environment culture permaculture family sexuality society history generosity abundance alienation depersonalization }}

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