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Second meeting


Higher conditioned states

Key points:

  • Consciousness expansion does not equal Supreme Sanity (Enlightenment)
  • Instances of nirvana are not caused, compounded, fabricated, conditioned states
  • Beyond Creation (Being) vs within creation


EXCERPT: Looking for pleasure is a source of pain,

yet we cover the embers with so many ashes

that awhile we cannot feel the burn.

Thus, we consolidate our habit of clinging to the ember

and so sooner or later we will burn our hand.


Recording of the session (4 participants):

  • Capriles, E. (2011, v.3.0): “Ascending in the Wheel: The Error of Striving to Achieve Higher Conditioned States”. In Beyond Mind, pp. 377-391
  • Zahler, L. (2009). Study and Practice of Meditation: Tibetan Interpretations of the Concentrations and Formless Absorptions. Ithaca, NY: Snow Lion. PDF

Down on this page you can find some notes from that text. You can add your own notes and comments and share it with others.

Some notes from texts


First debate

Incorrect position: In [someone having] a physical basis of the three bad transmigrations or [the northern continent] Unpleasant Sound, there is [retention of ] possession of actual meditative absorptions already attained.

Correct position: It follows that that is incorrect because whoever is a person of an upper realm who is about to die and who is definite to be reborn in [a bad transmigration or Unpleasant Sound] in the next birth necessarily degenerates from the actual meditative absorption of that [upper realm]. This is because (1) whoever is [a person of an upper realm who is about to die and who is definite to be reborn in a bad transmigration or Unpleasant Sound] necessarily manifests gross craving, and so forth, which is included within the level of the Desire Realm and (2) a person who simultaneously possesses in his or her continuum manifest afflictions of the Desire Realm and an actual meditative absorption does not occur. (p. 353)

Reminder about the analog territory / digital maps

Imminent death has been predicted for analog since the advent of the PC. But it is still here; in fact, analog ICs have been growing at almost exactly the same rate as digital ones. A digital video disk player has more analog content than the (analog) VCR ever did.

The explanation is rather simple: the world is fundamentally analog. Hearing is analog. Vision, taste, touch, smell, analog all. So is lifting and walking. Generators, motors, loud-speakers, microphones, solenoids, batteries, antennas, lamps, LEDs, laser diodes, sensors are fundamentally analog components.

The digital revolution is constructed on top of an analog reality. This fact simply won't go away. Somewhere, somehow you have to get into and out of the digital system and connect to the real world.

(Hans Camezind: Designing Analog Chips)

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