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Fifth meeting


Psychedelics and genuine spiritual paths

Key points:

  • Consciousness-expanding chemicals are not used in any buddhist school/tradition
  • Usage without having received initiation/transmission and proper instructions can lead to further delusion
  • Most experiences on psychedelics do not belong to instances of nirvana, but rather to instances of kunzhi lungmaten (the neutral base-of-all condition of epoche) followed by experiences of formless realms and realms of form (arupaloka, rupaloka) which belong to the peak of samsara



“Stan Grof has worked mainly with abrupt ways to raise the energetic-volume- determining-the-scope-of-awareness, and especially with psychedelic substances of the kind I have christened chemical raisers of the energetic-volume-determining-the-scope-of- awareness that have an epochotropic, non-dissociative, non-hypnotic, potentially “psychotomimetic,” consciousness expanding effect (CREV), which in themselves and by themselves do not give rise to stable, clearly recognizable instances of nirvana, yet can easily induce instances of the neutral base-of-all immediately followed by samsaric experiences of the formless realms (which, however, does not mean that nirvana could not have occurred in some people under the effect of these substances who, probably as a result of previous practice, were ripe for it to occur, or who on the basis of teachings received and practice applied in “past lives” happened to apply traditional instructions). ”

— Beyond Mind, p.457+

Recording of the session (4 participants), CZECH LANGUAGE:

Down on this page you can find some notes from that text. You can add your own notes and comments and share it with others.

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