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Two projects are present here at this moment: A philosophical/spiritual/deep-ecological webinar & the collective writing of a book about permaculture.

WEBINAR: Beyond Being, Beyond Mind, Beyond History 2012


A philosophical study group/seminar done in 2012. Permaculture and Sustainability from the standpoint of Eastern thought (Buddhism and Dzogchen), mostly reflecting work of Elías Capriles.

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Martin Malec

BOOK: Permaculture, the science, understanding & practice of life: Dedicated to Gregory Bateson's 'Steps to an ecology of mind'

  • Please feel free to start contributing – all the (sub)chapters listed further on this page are links to (empty) pages to be filled with meaningful content. Consider adding relevant sources and linking them at the end of the article
  • Share with whoever you think
  • Consider each line as the subject of a collective mind map (spin-thinking) we could work out together
  • Each topic can be the subject of a perma-lesson at Plukrijp (daily 7.30 – 9.00) on your request
  • Many documentaries, books&articles are available at Plukrijp
  • We enjoy what you create anywhere, anytime, …
  • You can discuss the mindmap and ToC on the Discussion page

— love & unity, Frank & co.

ad BOOK: Raison d'être

… to allow to really understand …

Permaculture is the “permanent culture”, which is almost the opposite of the current culture…


The mind map is updated independently on the actual content on this wiki, so it may become outdated. Consider the “hierarchical structure” as merely provisional and very rough, with many things relating to many other things, etc. Maybe you could propose a better system of ordering the issues covered there?

Source code of the mind-map (FreeMind), Flash version

Dimitri started another mindmap from scratch, trying to be more systematic.

Table of Contents

PHYSICS -- Life as the ordering principle of life of the universe: The encouter of quantum science with ancient wisdom traditions




Agricultural permaculture

Problems and solutions





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