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The 270-slave situation in the West

Our dependency on oil and other fossil fuels got into such a situation that one can compare the energy used by each of us to 270 ancient slaves working day and night. (The exact number and calculation should be verified and sourced later.) In any case, be it 10 or 50 or 300, all these numbers clearly show how much work is being done by such energy instead of manpower, animal power or any other naturally existent and “sustainable” power available.

While the term “permaculture” should refer to the non-dependency on fossil resources and using only the energy that is being produced by the actual sunshine, photosynthesis etc., the “transition movement” should be the way towards this target, with tracing the most coarse and later finer sources of oil dependency, finding alternatives to it. Often it is and will be sort of returning to the old, now abandoned traditional methods (because there is just nothing to be improved on them, because they were using the natural capacities directly, and any indirect method always decreases the efficiency). Sometimes we can combine - at least in the transition period - some modern technological discoveries with the natural processes, and drastically lower the external energy input while relatively keeping the comfort we are used to - by properly designing the methods, technologies, etc.

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